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Reusable Mailing Bags

La Romi Biodegradable Mailers

We have recently made a switch to plastic mailers that are not only biodegradable but also now have a double seal feature on them.

This means if you rip along just above where the seal sticks to the envelope then you can still reseal the bag and use it again as new.

Biodegradable mailing bags are environmentally friendly bags that are made extra strong. They are designed to be 100 % recyclable. Plus, the mailing bags are burst proof, puncture and tear proof, and weatherproof. This allows the contents to be protected in any weather especially for winter in the UK.

More packaging we have added.

It wouldn't be fair to talk about sustainability as if we were doing everything with zero waste. But we are conscious to make any packaging that is necessary eco friendly.

But customers who aren't familiar with our brand where concerned about the authenticity of the dummies themselves.

We then took the decision to make bespoke packaging with the clear film bag around the sets of dummies being made of starch instead of plastic and so completely biodegradable. The cardboard header and aluminium staple are recyclable too :)

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